Why install a foundation that will last a few years, when you can install a premium foundation that will last a lifetime?

Postech Postech is proud to be Winnipeg’s exclusive piling contractor offering Postech Thermal Piles. They serve Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and cottage country. Postech Winnipeg screw piles are the most solid and stable piles ever designed. In response to growing climate changes, Postech designed Thermal Piles, a new environmentally friendly insulated galvanized steel screw pile.

The revolutionary insulation system ensures that the inside of the pile is maintained at a temperature that eliminates ice or frost build-up at the base of the pile; providing unparalleled protection against ground movement – a must for those in the Winnipeg area.

Postech equipment has been strategically designed to ensure minimal to no disturbance to a customer’s property and a rapid and accurate install each and every time. They can also install in nearly all weather and soil conditions including frozen soil. Because no curing is necessary, you can build on their screw piles the moment they are installed.